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Historical Restorations

The Riordan team is proud to offer Historical Renovation and Restoration Services for older buildings to restore and preserve them for future generations to enjoy.  Many historical property owners simply desire to restore and occupy a space reminiscent of earlier times. 

Historically speaking, a building may deserve to be restored and protected for many other reasons, such as its extreme age relative to the geographical region in which it exists, its high artistic and aesthetic value, unique characteristics that represent a noted school of design, connections to historical events or great men of history, significance or as an integral part of an historical neighborhood, etc. 

An old building can undergo many facelifts, and the most historically significant period for the building may not be from the time it was built.  Perhaps it was when it was occupied by an important historical figure or possibly from a period when a historical occurrence took place like a signing of a treaty.  Therefore, the type of work most desired on an old building could be preservation, restoration, or rehabilitation

    * Historic building restoration and preservation
    * Historic building rehabilitation and adaptive reuse
    * Design/build
    * Building assessment and consultation
    * Historic masonry restoration      
    * Historic roofing and gutters          
    * Historic plaster
    * Structural stabilization          
    * Historic window and door restoration
    * Custom millwork
    * Finish carpentry
    * Natural stone interior finishes
    * Steeple and spire restoration and complete re-building
    * Historic building hardscapes
    * Historical painting
    * Historic skylight restoration
    * Historic storefront restoration
    * Historic log building restoration


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