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Working with Riordan Construction was the least stressful construction project we have ever experienced.  Our house is a 1740’s farmhouse that was in need of new bathrooms and a kitchen renovation.  During the process, we found some structural issues from work done in the 1940’s that needed to be corrected to ensure the structural stability of the frame.  This work was done with as minimal an impact as possible on the areas of the house that were not being renovated.  The kitchen and bathrooms were complete renovations along with the addition of a family room.  For many contractors, this kind of renovation might lead them to totally gutting the interior of the home.  David and his crew worked to maintain the integrity of our house and blended the new with the old so that each part highlights the other.  Half way through we realized that for many decisions it was easier and wiser to allow the Riordan team to make the choices and do what they thought best. 

Dream It – Design It – Build It – Live It - Achieved by TeamWork!

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Dream It – Design It – Build It – Live It - Achieved by TeamWork!
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